Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Truth of the Matter by Andrew Klavan

In The Truth of the Matter, Charlie West is continuing his quest to figure out what happened in the past year of his life. He is seeking Waterman, hoping to find some answers. Luckily for Charlie, he does get answers, but he also is faced with many more dangers. Charlie has to once again fight for his freedom and regain the life he lost a year ago. Charlie faces familiar foes, but also makes some new friends. Through all this, Charlie keeps one phrase in mind: Never, never give up.

This is the third book in the young adult Homelander Series by Andrew Klavan. It picks up quite quickly from the previous book, and takes your interest right away. Charlie and the reader are both wondering one thing: What happened to Charlie in the past year? It’s nice to finally get some answers and figure out what exactly is going on. This is a quick, fast-paced book that left me eagerly waiting for the last installment in this fun series.

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