Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs

Kemp McAvoy is a nurse who believes he is much too smart for his position. After being kicked out of his last year of residency, Kemp had to change his name and move to Los Angeles. An movie star is in a car accident and Kemp is her primary nurse. When Kemp’s girlfriend’s daughter claims to have seen an angel, Kemp gets a brilliant idea that will make him rich. Kemp finally believes that he will get the money he deserves.
Wonders Never Cease is the third standalone novel by Tim Downs and is a departure from his previous works. His other books have been more action-oriented while this book is more focused on the characters and plot. This book was very enjoyable as some of the characters were very likeable and some others were very easy to dislike. The story itself is easy to follow and makes me look forward to what Downs writes in the future. Recommended

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